FICAM Services

FICAM Planning and Implementation

Our team provides comprehensive FICAM planning and implementation services to ensure that your organization meets federal identity and access management requirements. We work with you to define FICAM requirements, establish timelines, allocate resources, and manage FICAM budgets to ensure successful implementation.

Identity and Credential Management

Identity and credential management are essential components of FICAM. Our team provides identity and credential management services to ensure that your organization's users are properly authenticated and authorized to access federal systems and data.

Access Management and Governance

Access management and governance are critical to the success of any FICAM implementation. Our team provides comprehensive access management and governance services to ensure that your organization's access policies and procedures align with federal requirements.

Security Assessment and Authorization

Security assessment and authorization are essential components of FICAM compliance. Our team provides comprehensive security assessment and authorization services to ensure that your organization's systems and data meet federal security requirements.

FICAM Compliance Consulting

Our team can provide guidance on FICAM compliance requirements for your organization, including the implementation of the Federal Public Key Infrastructure (FPKI), the use of Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, and compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). We work with you to ensure that your organization is meeting all necessary compliance standards and

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